Manufacturing a variety of polyurethane products to suit a variety of industry needs

APT manufacture and supply a wide range of polyurethane products. With a modern well-equipped workshop, we produce all products in-house, keeping a sharp eye on quality and maintaining affordable prices.

Our products

Polyurethane Pipe Lining

APT specializes in polyurethane lined steel pipes. Polyurethane provides an effective solution to prevent abrasion & corrosion problems, reducing wear which increases the lifespan of plant and equipment. More

Thread Protectors

APT helps protect your connections with high quality polyurethane thread protectors, which absorb rather than transfer shock and can take almost any kind of abuse in handling, transportation and storage.More

Pulleys, Wheels & Rollers

APT offers high performance polyurethane lagging to all types and sizes of pulleys, wheels and rollers. APT can fabricate and line new pulleys, wheels and rollers and also re-furbish pulleys, wheels and rollers.More

Tubes, Rods and Sheets

APT manufactures a wide range of tube and rods that can be customized to the size, thickness, colour or hardness that you require.More

Deflection cones

APT manufactures a range of deflection cones, which are specifically designed for tough, abrasive and corrosive services. APT cover all sizes of deflection cones ranging from 50mm to 500mm.More

Cement Plugs

APT offers and stocks a wide variety of polyurethane cementing plugs (also known as displacement Plugs), which are used for cleaning, grouting pipes and blocking drill holes. More

APT Pro-Tector Interlocking Flooring Protection System

Sick of moving heavy lengths of old conveyor belts to protect your workshop floors from tracked machinery? Our APT Pro-Tector Interlocking Floor Protection System is the answer to protecting not only your workshop floors but also your most important asset, your workers.More

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